Catering Services

Catering services are available. The entire MENU is available for catering. Before ordering your food, please read the following points.

1. If you aren't our regular customer, we suggest you to taste our food first. Every restaurant has its own recipe and ingredients, so we suggest you to have a look. If it suits your requirements, we will love to cater you.

2. All customers are required to pay the order total in advance. We do not take 15% or 50% of the order total in advance. Please pay in full at check out.

3. We suggest you to keep a copy of the receipt/invoice with you as a proof. If we prepare wrong dishes, you can argue.

4. You can cancel your order at least 1 day (24 hrs) before the day of catering and get full refund. After that you can not cancel your order.

5. When we deliver you the food, make sure that the food is in right condition because after that There is no Refund policy in any situation.

6. We hope you will have a very nice experience with us.

We will try our best to give you some discount but please don't ask for too much discount. We only charge you for the quality and taste of food and our service.

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